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Welcome to the Saint Helen Chapter of  the Ladies Philoptochos Society of Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.

St Helen Philoptochos was established in 1979 and consists of women in the Parish whose main objectives are of a charitable and philanthropic nature. At its founding the concept of Circles was introduced by Father Theodore Phillips. Each member is requested to join one of the three Circles. Through our three circles, various activities and programs, we provide a wide range of services.

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  • Agape Circle
    Provides a personal touch of comfort, support and fellowship to others.
  • Pistis Circle
    Takes care of the special religious items such as holy water, palm crosses, the Epitaphio,weekly prosphoron, flowers and cleaning of the sacred utensils.
  • Elpis Circle
    Coordinates major events and fundraising activities such as: the membership tea, Palm Sunday luncheon, and a major fundraising event among others. In addition, we participate in community activities such as the Holiday Basket Program with Community Resource Center and the homeless feeding program with Two Fishes.

Other Activities supported by the Philoptochos

Philoptochos Center of Philanthropy

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Volunteers needed to assist with the baking of the weekly Prosphoro (Bread)

We are trying something a little new for supplying the prosphoro which we need on an ongoing basis. We will be having baking sessions where a group of about 5-6 will meet in the Senior Center Kitchen and use the big mixer to make 20 or more loaves at a time. We will do these baking sessions about every month of so. It takes 3 hours to make the breads and then a little more time for them to cool before they are wrapped and put in the freezer. If you would like to join these Baking Sessions or you would like to make on your own and contribute to the supply. Please contact Irene Mylonas, 858-459-2288, e-mail St. Helen Philoptochos

Mimi Howland was presented with the Philoptochos AGAPE Award this year in honor of her tireless efforts on behalf of our church community and the community at large. Leader of the Thursday Baking Group, Christian Outreach, and the Prime Timers, volunteer with Tri-City Medical Center, the Newcomer's Club, and San Diego Madres, Mimi is a caring individual with an enormous heart and an eye towards ensuring the well being of those around her. Her initiative led her to spearhead groups and activities that have led to the betterment of our Philoptochos, church, and the city in which she lives and to bring the light of Christ's love to those around her.  Congratulations, Mimi, for receiving the AGAPE Award.

February 9, 2014 - Philoptochos and Parish Ladies wear red for Heart Healthy month.

 ·         All Members - Quarterly Meeting (See the Calendar for Dates and details)
·         Philoptochos Board and Circles Meetings – Monthly, or as needed (See the Calendar for Dates and details)


Dear Fellow Parishioners,
This is the time of year when we invite you to join or renew your membership to Saint Helen Philoptochos. As the major philanthropic organization of our church, your membership helps support our many worthwhile activities and charities.
What is Philoptochos? Philoptochos is an army of women whose collective drive, dedication and heart help those who need it most. Philoptochos is compassion; it is love; it is strength.
Why join Philoptochos? Invite, Embrace, Involve is our motto. When you join, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and share experiences, knowledge and laughter. Members are the foundation, heart and soul of our organization. The need is greater than ever before. Help expand our outreach and continue to give assistance, hope and love. We welcome and encourage you to join us in making a difference. Your presence and/or financial support can truly enable our chapter to help others whose challenges are staggering and often life altering.
How do I Join?

You can complete a Membership Profile online or download and fill out our Membership Profile then mail the completed form to the address below.

Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church
Attn: St. Helen Philoptochos
3459 Manchester Ave.
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

You can also give your completed form to a Philoptochos Board Member at the Philoptochos table during fellwoship or turn it in at the Philoptochos Membership Luncheon.

Include your donation. The amount is up to you. The National and Metropolis Philoptochos treasuries receive $30 of every member’s fees. Whatever you give above and beyond that amount stays in our chapter. Please make checks payable to: Saint Helen Philoptochos. You can also pay online using the PayPal button below.

What happens to the money we raise?

Annually, we give over $20,000 to support our church-based institutions such as International Orthodox Charities, St. Basil's Academy, Hellenic College/Holy Cross, St. Nicholas Ranch, our Mission priests and our seminary school students as well as to outside charities such as Community Resource Center, Elizabeth Hospice, Kids 'n' Cancer, San Diego Food Bank, Voices for Children, Autism Assistance, the Cancer Fund, UNICEF, Haiti Relief Fund among others. In addition, we have provided financial assistance for individual needs within our community and to our parishioners.

National and Metropolis Ministry Commitments

  • Help Those in Need
    • Social Services - Provides outreach, support, financial assistance
    • 75Th Anniversary Founders Fund - Supports care facilities for aged
    • Social Welfare Emergency Fund (Metropolis)
  • Worldwide Outreach
    • Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) - Supports missionaries
    • Support a Mission Priest (SAMP) - Helps Clergy to build facilities, do training
    • International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) - Provides food, shelter, self-sufficiency
    • National Philoptochos Emergency Fund - Responds immediately to disasters
    • Pennies 'n' Prayers (Metrolpolis) - Aids mission churches
  • Support Our Youth
    • Saint Basil Academy - Provides for its operating expenses
    • Sisterhood of St. Basil Academy - Provides for physical needs of children
    • Orthodox Christian Fellowship - Supports fellowship on college campuses
    • UNICEF - Protects rights, health, and well-being of all children
  • Our Clergy
    • Hellenic College Holy Cross School of Theology - Scholarships, operational expenses of the school
    • Bishop Anthony Philoptochos Student Endowment Fund
    • Retired Clergy and Widowed Presvyteras Benelovent Fund - Helps those facing financial problems
    • National Sisterhood of Presvyteras Benelovent Fund - Provides short-term support for clergy and families in times of crisis
  • Religious Centers
    • Ecumenical Patriarchate - Benefits its philanthropic programs and charities
    • Saint Photios - Assistance to preserve the National Shrine
    • Saint Nicholas Ranch (Metropolis)
  • Medical Charities
    • Cancer Fund - Provides individuals with financial assistance
    • Autism Assistance Fund - Assists individuals, promotes awareness
    • General Medical Fund - Provides financial resources for individuals
    • Kids 'n' Cancer - Provides for a family camping experience
    • Women's Health and Wellness (Metropolis)

Our Local Contributions

  • Parish Activities
    • Purchase Fellowship Supplies
    • Sponsor Weekly Newsletter
    • Pistis Circle - Provide flowers and other religious service items, including Holy Week
    • Homebound Parishioners are provided with support and gifts
    • Host Educational and Spiritual Events - Caregiver Presentations, Spiritual Retreats, Meetings, Abbess of Lifegiving Spring Monastery Brunch
  • Our Youth
    • Sunday School Breakfasts and Luncheons
    • Vacation Bible School Assistance
    • Greek School Summer Camp Scholarships
    • College Project - Provide small gifts of rememberance and love
    • Adopt a Seminarian - Send Financial assistance and encouragement
  • Assist Those in Need
    • Emergency Fund - Provide short term financial assistance to parishioners
    • Grocery Gift Cards
    • Holiday Gift Baskets
  • Dontations to Local Charities
    • Community Resource Center
    • Elizabeth Hospice
    • FOCUS
    • Project Mexico
    • San Diego Food Bank
    • Two Fishes
    • Voices for Children
  • Donations to Outreach Programs
    • Father Themis and Paradise Kids for Africa
    • Global Outreach Program of the American College of Nurse Midwives - Beanie Baby Hats
    • Haitian Relief Fund

President                                           Irene Mylonas

1st Vice President                             Carolyn Koumaras

2nd Vice President                            Diane Truesdell

Recording Secretary                        Christine Dorudian

Corresponding Secretary                Gail Slemon

Treasurer                                           Nicki Cometa

Assistant Treasurer                          Despina Papadatos

Advisor                                               Carolyn Grage


Agape Circle                                      Pauline Tsoris, chair; Matina Dale, co-chair; Patricia Karetas

Elpis Circle                                         Anne Panagakos, co-chair; Alexis Ranglas, co-chair; Patricia Karetas;  Diane Truesdell; Pauline Tsoris

Pistis Circle                                        Helen Crisafi, chair; Christine Dorudian, co-chair

Charity Liaison                                  Pauline Tsoris, Patricia Karetas, Nicky Cometa, Maria Leslie Georgiou                             

Educational Programs                     Gail Slemon

Fellowship Coordinator                  Irene Mylonas

Historian                                            Carolyn Grage

Junior Philoptochos/Angels           Rene Grevas, Carolyn Grage

Membership                                     Argie Demas, chair; Gail Slemon; Diane Truesdell

Newsletter                                        Diane Truesdell

Parliamentarian                               Carolyn Koumaras

Prosphoro Coordinator                  Matina Dale

Seminarian Liaison                          Rene Grevas, Carolyn Grage

Special Projects                                Maria Leslie Georgiou, Nicky Cometa, Maria Vlahoulis, Litsa Orenich

Volunteer Coordinator                   Matina Dale










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