It is said that within five minutes of entering the church building people have decided whether they will come back.  Reaching out to those who enter our doors with a sincere handshake, greeting and a welcoming smile could be the most important missionary work we do.  Greeters know the importance of reaching out and making visitors welcome.


Our greeters do a wonderful job of welcoming guests when they arrive at church.  If any parishioner notices people who are new to you, be sure to speak to them, introduce new parishioners to other members of our parish, share information about worship services, events, and various ministries of our community, and make them feel a part of our church family.


Our goal is to make our newcomers feel welcome and to see that we follow through with a personal contact.  Embrace all those who come to Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in search of a spiritual home and to assist newcomers in finding ways they can participate, find support, and in turn, give support by serving others.


We are always looking for Greeters please contact us. 

Greeters Coordinator

Lenore Trigonis