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Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Cardiff-by-the-Sea

General Assembly Agenda

June 11, 2023 

  1. Call to Order - Spiro Kailas

  2. Opening Prayer - Father Michael Sitaras

  3. Introduction of the Parish Council - Spiro Kailas

  4. Call for Quorum - Spiro Kailas

  5. Election of Chairperson for the Meeting - Spiro Kailas

  6. Acceptance of the Minutes - Meeting Chairperson (Note:  The minutes will be emailed prior to the meeting. Copies will be available in the office and at the  General Assembly. They will not be read at the meeting.)

  7. Father Michael’s Report 

  8. Youth Update by Father Angelo

  9. Treasurer’s Report - Nicki Cometa

  10. Advanced Planning and Construction Update - Spiro Kailas

  11. CPA Audit - Nicki Cometa

  12. New Business - Meeting Chairperson

  13. Closing Prayer

Notice of June 11 2023 General Assembly Meeting Date (1).jpg
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