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Sts Constantine and Helen Church shares your joy in anticipation of Holy Baptism. Through Baptism, one is filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit and is brought into the fullness of life in the Holy Orthodox Church, the Body of Christ.

To receive a Baptism/Chrismation packet, to schedule a tour, or to schedule your date contact the church office:  760-942-0920,

Baptism Service Overview


The service begins with initial petitions and prayers blessing the water and then the baby is anointed with pre-baptismal oil. Oil is an oft-used symbol in the Orthodox faith, representing light, reconciliation and peace. From ancient times, oil was recognized as having marvelous medicinal properties, and as such represents the healing of the stain of original sin. The priest makes the sign of the cross in the water with the oil three times 

and anoints the baby on its brow, chest, ears, hands, feet and back. The sponsor makes the confession of faith onthe child’s behalf by reciting the Nicene Creed. The baby is immersed in water thrice in the name of the Holy Trinity, during which the entire Church “seals”  immersion with an “Amen.” After the service, the child is dressed in a post-baptismal outfit representative of its new spiritual life. For two consecutive Sundays after the Baptism, the sponsor carries the infant to the Holy Altar to receive Holy Communion.



The Sacrament of Chrismation (Confirmation) immediately follows baptism. As the ministry of Christ was enlivened by the Spirit, and the preaching of the Apostles strengthened by the Spirit, so is the life of each Orthodox Christian sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Chrismation, which is often referred to as one’s personal Pentecost, is the Sacrament which imparts the Spirit in a special way.


In the Sacrament of Chrismation, the priest anoints the various parts of the body of the newly-baptized with Holy Oil saying: “The seal of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Oil, which is blessed by the bishop, is a sign of consecration and strength. The Sacrament emphasizes the truths that not only is each person a valuable member of the Church, but also each one is blessed by the Spirit with certain gifts and talents. The anointing also reminds us that our bodies are valuable and are involved in the process of salvation.


The Sacraments of initiation always are concluded with the distribution of Holy Communion to the newly-baptized. Ideally, this takes place within the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. This practice reveals that Orthodoxy views children from their infancy as important members of the Church. There is never time when the young are not part of God’s people. (Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America).  For more information see the Archdiocese and Sacraments.


Rental Facilities

Constantine G. Pappas Hall - with entry foyer, outdoor patio, and kitchen is well appointed for Baptisms.

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