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Did You Know?


  • There are approximately 260 million Orthodox Christians world-wide, making us the third largest Christian community in the world.

  • The first Orthodox parish in North America was established in Alaska in 1794.

  • The first Orthodox parish in the continental United States was established in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Sunday church service in an Orthodox Church includes over two hundred quotes from the Bible. Approximately 80% of our service is straight out of the Bible.


Greek Orthodox history can be divided into four epochs:

    1. Apostolic / Early Christianity: Comprising the first three centuries after Christ and concluding with the rise of Constantine The Great

    2. Byzantine: Covered eleven centuries from the 1st Council of Nicaea in 325 to the Fall of Constantinople in 1453.

    3. Ottoman: Begins in the 15th Century with the fall of Constantinople and ends around 1830, which makes Greek Independence from the Ottoman Empire.

    4. Modern Period: Begins with Greek Independence to present day.

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