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Building Programs and Facilities Committee

The Building Program and Facilities Committee focus includes: the facilities maintenance of the exisiting Church campus as well as the future plans for the adjacent purchased property.  The Committee meets on a regular basis as schedules permit please see Calendar for dates and times.   

“Where are we today?”

We stand on the shoulders of our Church Founders.  We are in Encinitas, CA in the Cardiff-by-the-Sea community in Southern California, one mile from the Pacific Ocean, across the street from the San Elijo Lagoon freely worshiping in an orchid-winning, purpose built, Christ centered Greek Orthodox Church.  We are supported financially, in part, by a treasured affordable housing ministry.  Once the final Lux payment is made, we will own this campus and its improvements without debt.  We are starting the path to develop the Lux Property with the same devotion as the Founders of this Church.


“Where do we want to be?” 

We want to be right here, with even better more facilities that can lead to further growth.  We want to maintain and improve our existing facilities.  We want to develop the Lux Property with input from the survey, parishioners, and all stake-holders to enable our ministries to glorify the one, true God and spread the message of Jesus Christ.


“How do we get there?” 

We will get there little-by-little with hard work over decades time and with donations from the parishioners into the building fund and general fund.  We hope to build structures that generate sufficient income to support themselves.  We further hope some of those structures will generate excess money to support the General Fund of the Church and thereby, all its ministries.  However, we hereby reaffirm that the only way to achieve our goals is to embrace our individual responsibility to commit our time, effort, and money treasure to reach our goals.

Building Programs and Facilities Leads

  • Landscaping: Dean Gurholt

  • Maintenance: Bill Belko and John Bonadeo

  • Event Support: Dean Gurholt

  • Beautification Ministry: Mary Bruscella










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