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In most Orthodox Churches, much of the service and prayers are sung or chanted.  This includes hymns and prayers by the Priest, plus chanters, congregational singing, and a choir!


Byzantine Chant has its roots in the early days of the church.  You don’t need to have a musical background to understand that Byzantine chant is very different than western music. You will be able to hear the difference immediately.  Chant is the most traditional and ancient form of music that the church has to offer.  We chant in both English and Greek.  You will find that the service before Divine Liturgy is mostly chanted and the hymns of the Divine Liturgy are mostly sung in a more western style by a church choir.   

By using both chant and a choir, people are able to experience a vital tradition from the early days of the church while still participating in singing more familiar western style music.  


Our Chanters are lad by Markayla Stroubakis, assisted by Jeff "Patrick" Lee.  For information on our chanting at our church please contact the church office and we will put you in touch with Markalya or Patrick.

To learn more about Chant, visit:


Our choirs will resume signing in the coming months.  For information about joining one of our choirs, please contact the Church office.  


The Choir sings both Greek and English Hymns for Sunday Liturgy. Our goal and purpose is to contribute to the spirit of prayer and worship during the service. We also encourage the congregation to join us in singing the unique hymns during the service.

The Youth Choir typically sings with the choir before going to Sunday School.  They also perform special hymns and participate in the Faith, Dance, and Fellowship festival (FDF) held each year.  

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