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Loss and Bereavement Support Group

Our overall theme is “Dealing With Loss.”  Our goal is to provide support, help, and healing to those who are grieving any type of loss in their lives.  

Father Coniaris wrote:


“Memories need to be examined, lingered over and discussed.  To be resolved, grief must be brought into the open.  It must be relived and shared both verbally and emotionally.  If we do not open a wound to the air, it is harder to heal.  There is consolation in finding someone to talk to.”


Loss can be associated with the death of a loved one, as well as a divorce, loss of a job, home, money, illness, etc.  Any of these losses create an emotional wound.  Along with the obvious feelings of pain, depression and sadness, there are other reactions to loss such as anger, guilt, changes in appetite and sleep patterns.

It is only natural that we as human beings come to experience personal losses in our lives.  Grief is a very personal experience and no two people grieve in the same way. 

One of the tragedies in our society today is that many people experience grief alone and hide their true feelings.  The most compassionate thing one can do is to reach out for help from others.  Reaching out for help connects you to other people and strengthens the bonds of love that make life worth living again.

If you are experiencing a loss and are in need of emotional support, or know of someone who would benefit by joining our group, please consider coming to one of our group meetings.


Our goal is to “journey” with you and give you love, compassion and support while you heal. Please consider attending our group and reaching out for support from caring people you can trust in a safe environment.  

Our Church is a spiritual hospital, where we are connected in our faith, family, and friends.

Check the church calendar or email us for the date of the next meeting.

Loss and Bereavement Coordinator

Dr. George Koumaras


A ministry since May 2015


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