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Strategic Plan

"Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established."
Proverbs 16:3

Parish Survey


First Steps -- Parish Survey


In 2015 the Archdiocese and the Metropolis recommended and and encouraged all parishes to begin developing a Strategic Plan.   The Strategic Plan is meant to address the following key questions. 


  1. Where are we now?

  2. Where do we want to be?

  3. How do we get there?


One of  the  first items we undertook towards this goal was to conduct a Parish Survey.  The survey was sent to all Parishioners in June 2015.  It asked questions about liturgical life, our buildings,  parish  systems,  ministries, and  gift-based programs.  We had 212 responses.  That's well over the average response rate for surveys like this one.  Thank you to everyone that participated!



Here are the demographics of those completing the survey by Gender and by Age.

Strategic Plan Chair

Dr. George Koumaras



Parish Mission Statement


  • LOVINGLY serve the liturgical, sacramental, and community needs of Orthodox Christians through the Word of Jesus Christ, the Bible, and Tradition of the Church, 

  • PRACTICE charity through stewarship and ministries, and  

  • CREATE an environment where all are welcome and desire to be involved in the life of the church.  


Parish Vision Statement


We will grow an accepting, loving, caring, and forgiving Christ-centered parish that invites life-long worship, stewardship, education, philanthropic outreach, fellowship, Hellenic spirit, support and comfort to our spiritual family, and be a witness to the world.


Parish Value Statement


Grow in His likeness


Openly practice evangelism through outreach, invitation, and by living the Orthodox faith as a way of life


Serve and engage all by sharing our gifts of faith, time, talents, and treasures through our ministries


Practice philanthropic outreach – actively care for the church family and the world around us


Educate, attract, and inspire active inclusive participation


Loving relationships by respecting and welcoming others with gratitude and humility


Council of Ministries


Next, our ministry leads met and reviewed the reuslts of the Parish Survey.  Working together with Father Michael the ministry leads reached a consensus on a Parish Vision Statement and a Parish Value Statement.  Those statements were approved by the Parish Council and by the Parish at the General Assembly meeting.  


Each of our core groups, shown on the wheel below, are now meeting to develop vision and value statements specific to each of their areas of responsibility.  Look for information about each of these groups in Pappas Hall during the Fellowship hour after Liturgy.


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